Faculty Evaluation

Upcoming Dates:

Summer 2016:

​Week of May 31st       IDEA envelope distribution

August 18, 2016          IDEA packets and FIFs due

September 16, 2016    TENTATIVE return of packets from IDEA*


Fall 2016:

​Week of Sept 26th       IDEA envelope distribution

December 14, 2016      IDEA packets and FIFs due

January 13, 2016         TENTATIVE return of packets from IDEA*​


J-Term 2017:

​Week of January 9th     IDEA envelope distribution

January 27, 2017          IDEA packets and FIFs due

February 15, 2017        TENTATIVE return of packets from IDEA*​


Spring  2017:

​Week of Feb 20th         IDEA envelope distribution

May 12, 2017                IDEA packets and FIFs due

June 12, 2017               TENTATIVE return of packets from IDEA*​


Electronic FIF

Murphy FIF Tutorial

Request to administer IDEA online

Group Summary Request

Faculty Evaluation Master Spreadsheet (under "faculty" drop-down on linked page)

Faculty Evaluation Summaries

(please note: some items require credentials for access)

*Please note: IDEA requires ten (10) business days to process packets; this does NOT include shipping time; also, UST expedites shipping for the fastest service*

Contact insteffect@stthomas.edu with questions about the IDEA process