Climate Survey Staff and Committees

Academic Affairs

Dr. Michael F. Cogan, Associate Vice President - Records and Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Michael Cogan has been serving the University of St. Thomas since 2006.  Over a six-year period, Cogan has overseen the development, administration, analysis, and dissemination of more than two dozen institutional surveys.  Prior to arriving at St. Thomas, Cogan’s work in the health services industry provided him with an opportunity to manage a statewide health insurance survey as part of a $1.5 million State Planning Grant.  He earned a PhD in Quantitative Research Methodologies at the University of North Dakota and is active in national organizations such as the Catholic Higher Education Research Cooperative and the Society for College and University Planning.

Co-Principal Investigators

Sushant Khullar, Database Analyst

has served as a Database Analyst for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness since 2011. Previously, he was working as a Research Analyst for the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis since 2006. He completed his post-graduate education in India and also achieved his Masters from the University of St. Thomas. He has worked in collaboration with various departments and has been involved in the area of multicultural affairs and diversity. He has developed, administered and gathered data for numerous internal surveys Including the Faculty Advisor Survey and analyzed several regional and national surveys including the Cooperative Institutional Research Program and National Survey of Student Engagement. Sushant likes to explore data and gain insights that help in making informed decisions.

Linda Dorn, Department Systems Specialist

has worked for the University of St. Thomas as the Department Systems Specialist since 2001.  During her 11 years on campus, she has joined forces with members from many departments on St. Thomas initiatives.  The most recent including serving on the Accreditation Committee on Integrity.  She has also volunteered her time on various committees including Chair of the Inaugural Exempt Staff Council, ELS volunteer, Friendship Family volunteer and the Acts of Kindness Committee.  Outside of St. Thomas, Linda has served as an adjunct professor at Metropolitan State University. Linda received her B.A. from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, and her Master's degree in Learning Technologies from the University of St. Thomas.  Linda enjoys engaging in dialogue to discover people's passions, interests and concerns.

Michael Glirbas, Transcript Evaluator

Web Development

Julie Seykora, Information Coordinator

Julie has served as Information Coordinator for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research & Analysis since 2006. From 2000-2006, she worked as the Continuing Education Coordinator for the UST School of Education. She works in collaboration with academic and administrative departments and is the point person for Faculty Evaluation processes at the university.

Climate Survey Committees


Climate Survey Advisory Group (CSAG)

 1.  Institutional Effectiveness (Michael Cogan, Linda Dorn, Michael Glirbas, Kristine Baker,
      Sushant Khullar, Julie Seykora)
 2.  Exempt Staff (Terry Lynn Eggert)
 3.  Non-Exempt Staff (Barb Dunker, Lisa Keiser)
 4.  Office of Mission (Rev. John Malone)
 5.  Student Affairs (Jane Canney, Aaron Macke, Amanda Wright, Victoria Svoboda, Rebecca Swiler)
 6.  Faculty (Ann Johnson, Pete Parilla, Mari Graham, Bernard Armada, Sanjeev Bordoloi, Chad Brinsfield,
      Kari Fletcher, Bridget Duoos)
 7.  President's Office (Susan Alexander)
 8.  Development Office (Kristi Flanagan Villar)
 9.  International (Lori Friedman)
10. University Advocates for Women and Equity (Susan Myers) 
11. Minneapolis Campus (Jill Akervik)
12. Undergraduate Student Government (Michael Orth)
13. Admissions (Marla Friederichs)
14. Finance (Mark Vangsgard)
15. Campus Ministry (Maureen Bird)
16. Human Resources (Sara Gross Methner)
17. IRB (Eleni Roulis)
18. HANNA President (Nich Chang)
19. Luann Dummer Center for Women (Young-ok An)

Facilitator Workgroups

Advisory Council (UDAC)
Campus Ministry
Office for Diversity
Office for Mission