Campus Climate Survey


Develop, administer, analyze, and disseminate the Institutional Climate Survey in conjunction with the Office of the President and Office of Mission.


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) staff will oversee the Climate Survey which will launch in the spring of 2013. This survey will be developed in-house with OIE staff working closely with the UST community to develop questions in which actionable steps may be taken to address strengths and weaknesses revealed through the analysis.

Progress to Date

For the 2013 Campus Climate Survey, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) collaborated with the UST community and formed the Climate Survey Advisory Group or CSAG, which was comprised of more than 35 students, staff and faculty members. Facilitator workgroup sessions were offered to the UST community by CSAG and OIE members to collect information about campus climate. In addition to the workgroups sessions, the UST community also had an opportunity to complete an online survey asking the respondents to detail the strengths and weaknesses of the campus climate at St. Thomas. For further details, please refer to the presentations below. 

2013 Survey Administration Schedule

 The 2013 Campus Climate Survey was launched on Tuesday, February 26, 2013. The survey remained open for 28 days and was closed on Friday, March 22, 2013.

Climate Surveys


Planning Documents:
    ●   Survey Instrument
    ●   Campus Climate Survey Methodology
    ●   Communication Plan

    ●   Initial CSAG Meeting - September 2012
    ●   Facilitator Work Groups for CSAG - October 2012
    ●   Climate Survey Presentation: All Staff Forum - November 2012
    ●   Facilitator Workgroup Outcomes - November 2012
    ●   Process, Methodology and Next Steps - December 2012
    ●   2013 Campus Climate Survey Results - April 2013
    ●   Preliminary Analysis - May 2013

    ●   Climate Survey Results - Abridged
    ●   Climate Survey Results - Extended
    ●   Climate Survey Themes   
    ●   Faculty and Staff-Specific Questions Results
    ●   Student-Specific Questions Results
    ●   Full-Time Faculty
    ●   All Staff 
    ●   Undergraduate Students
    ●   Graduate Students