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UST Username

As an employee of the university your username is your primary UST account.  Your username and password allow you to log on to UST domain computers, log into the email server, and access UST network resources from non-UST computers.  You are automatically assigned an account when you become part of the UST community.  Your UST account consists of a username and password.  More information about your UST username is available on the Information, Resources & Technologies webpage.

New Employee Account Set-up

UST accounts are created once your new hire paperwork is completed, or after the hiring manager completes and submits the Employee Action Form (EAF) to Human Resources.  The EAF informs Human Resources and IRT that your new employee account needs to be established.  Once your new hire paperwork is received in Human Resources, you will be setup in USTs Banner system (record of employment) as an employee.  After your record is established in Banner, you will be sent an email notification with instructions on how to activate your UST email account.

Affiliate Guest Accounts

IRT also offers non-employee, or affiliate guest accounts, for individuals who by the nature of their relationship to UST do not have HR paperwork to complete but require access to University resources.  The use of the Affiliate Guest accounts is primarily for a vendor or contractor of the University that will not be paid directly in the form of payroll.  More information about affiliate guest accounts is available on the IRT webpage.

Employee Data and Reporting 

The Human Resources HR-Systems group is responsible for providing reports and data files across UST to meet a variety of needs.  There are currently two methods available for obtaining employee and employee-related data from HR:  (1) the HR management report library, which is only available to members of the academic and administrative leadership group (i.e. EVP, AVP, VP, Dean) or their designee and requires initial set-up by HR-Systems to establish access, or (2) by requesting data from the HR-Systems group using the HR Report Request/Authorization form.  Requests received via this form also require the approval of the academic and administrative leader of the department/group associated with the requestor making the request.  Instructions for using the form are provided at the top of the form.

Employee Self-Service - Murphy Online

Employee self-service, or Murphy Online, is the university’s gateway to employee, student, and financial data.  Employee self-service features include:

Personal Information

  • View and update your addresses and phone numbers
  • View and update your emergency contacts
  • Update your marital status
  • Obtain information to change your name or SSN

Employee Services

  • View your pay stub
  • Check your benefit enrollment
  • Look up your benefit and deduction history
  • Check your earnings history
  • Check the details on your last W-2 statement
  • Check the number of exemptions you're claiming for tax withholding
  • Report your vacation days

Your Murphy Online account is accessed with your username and password.  Additional information about Murphy Online is available on the Information Resources & Technologies webpage.

What information do I need to access the Murphy Online Information System?

What information do I need to access the Murphy Online Information System?

You will need your UST username and password. Further information about managing your UST account is available on the IRT accounts website

What can I do to ensure my personal information remains confidential?

The Murphy Online Information System has the latest in internet standard security software packaged into it. All information between your browser and the database server is encrypted at the highest level available. To ensure your personal information remains confidential you can:

  • Treat your UST credentials as any other confidential piece of information, and do not share personal credentials with others.
  • Periodically change your password to ensure confidentiality.
  • Remember to log off or lock your computer when you leave your desk.

Why Use the Murphy Online Information System?

Saves Time - You no longer need to call HR or Payroll to check your personal contact information, look up deductions on a previous paycheck, or see a copy of your last W-2 statement.  You can look up this information, and much more, when the time is right for you!

Convenient – You can access the system nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week to review, and in some cases update, your current information.  This can be done from any PC with internet access at home or at work.

Reliable – Employee Self Service data is obtained directly from the Human Resource System database, which contains both personnel and payroll information.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions?

For problems or questions with the information contained in Employee Self Service, contact Human Resources at 651-962-6510.

For technical assistance contact the IRT Tech Desk at 651-962-6230 or

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