Four Steps to Hiring a Student Employee

1. Getting Started

  • Review the purpose and mission of the Student Employment Program.
  • Ensure departmental funds are available - check with your budget manager.
  • Create a job description with duties and skills.
  • Consult Human Resources regarding pay rates for new positions.
  • Make sure you are setup in the Student Employment System (Murphy) to hire for the position.  If you are not setup in the Student Employment System, contact Student Employment at or 651-962-6510.

2. Post a Job

  • Log into the Talent Management System (TMS) with your UST username and password.
  • Make sure you are recognized as a "Student Manager".  This information is shown next to your name at the top of the page.
  • If your user group does not show "Student Manager", please click on the drop down box in the right hand corner and select "Student Manager".  If this option is not available to you, or if this is your first time trying to access TMS, contact Human Resources.
  • Once you have confirmed you are logged in as a “Student Manager” you can create a requisition by clicking on the “Create New Student Requisition” shortcut.  Fill in all fields of the requisition and click “Summary” to review your requisition.  When you are satisfied with how your requisition looks, hover over “Take Action on Requisition” and select “Human Resources (Move to Human Resources)”.  Your position will be posted by HR within one business day. 
  • Applicants will apply online.  The application and supporting materials will be available to view through TMS.  The job must be posted on the UST employment opportunities webpage for a minimum of five days.  HR will remove postings from the website 30 days from the posting date.  To remove a posting sooner, log into TMS and click on “Close/Remove Job from Web” under ”Take Action on Requisition.”
  • Please see the Student Managers Guide to the Talent Management System for further instructions on how to post a job.

3. Search and Selection

  • Review each applicant and respond to them in a timely manner.
  • Select candidates to invite for interview.  Review the Student Interview Guide.
  • Create interview questions based on the responsibilities of the job.
  • During the interview, explain all aspects of the position and ask if there are questions.
  • Make the offer to the top candidate(s).
  • Notify applicants who are not selected.
  • Close the job in the Talent Management System.

4. Hire

  • Confirm candidates' acceptance of the job.
  • Instruct student to complete Form I-9 and other new hire paperwork (if necessary).  If you’re hiring a student who has never worked on campus before or it has been longer than 12 months since they last worked, they will need to complete all new hire paperwork.
  • If the position requires a background screen, instruct the student to contact HR.  If the student does not have a background screen on file, they must complete a background screen authorization form and return it to the HR office, or contact HR to receive an electronic authorization form.
  • When the new hire paperwork is complete, instruct the student to submit their Student Employment Form via Murphy Online.
  • Complete and approve the student's Student Employment Form via Murphy Online.
  • After approving the student employment form, review the confirmation email from Student Employment to confirm the student may begin working.  In some instances, the student may not be able to work until a background screen or position request is approved by HR.
  • Once the new hire paperwork, the student employment form, and background screen (when necessary) are complete, the student may begin working.