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Welcome to the University of St. Thomas Health & Wellness web-site.  This site was designed to support and promote employee healthe and well-being.  This is your on-stop-shop for information to help you enhance your emotional, physical, and social health.  

 Go to the Vitality website,

  1. Click on "Register Today!"
  2. Complete all required (*) fields
    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Date of birth
    4. Last four digits of your Social Security Number
  3. Once your information is validated, the system will ask you to create a username and password.
  4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. Enter a security question
  6. The process is complete

 Vitality Contact Information:

Spend a little more time exploring this website to learn about the various components of the program, which we hope will go a long way in contributing to your health, happiness, and well-being.


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