Staff Search and Selection

The Human Resources team supports you throughout the search and selection process to attract and recruit a diverse and talented workforce.  Your HR Partner serves as your consultant—not only during the search process, but also in other HR-related areas in which you may need assistance.  You should work closely with your HR Partner especially when recruiting for staff positions.

Talent Management System (TMS)

The Talent Management System (TMS) is your resource/tool for creating and submitting job requisitions for approval, reviewing applicants for your job searches, and documenting the final hiring decision.

Search and Selection Process

Approval to Recruit

The first step in the search and selection process is to obtain the approval to recruit for an open position.  This process has three components as follows:

Determine Business Need - New or Replacement?

Perhaps you have an opening on your staff due to a promotion, resignation, or transfer, or your department is growing and you believe you need a new position.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to assess the talent you require to reach your short and long term strategic goals.  Contact your Human Resources Partner to discuss your overall business and staffing needs.

Job Profile

A job profile is an essential document that accurately reflects the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and reporting relationships of a particular position.  The job profile must be reviewed and updated, or created, and forwarded to the designated Human Resources Partner for appropriate job classification and current market data.  To review/update an existing job profile, access the HR Job Profile Library via Murphy Online.  Login to Murphy Online, select the Employee Services tab, and select HR Job Profile Library.

Position Requisition

Appropriate approval is required to fulfill your hiring needs.  The position requisition combines a summary of the business need, job profile, and budget information for approval and recruitment purposes.  The position requisition is submitted via the Talent Management System (TMS). The job profile must be reviewed prior to submitting the position requisition.

Assessing the Candidate Pool Resources

Initial Evaluation


Reference Checks


Approval to Hire

Determine Salary Offer

Once the hiring official identifies a final candidate and has completed the reference checks then an appropriate salary offer is determined.  In determining the salary, consideration is given to the candidates education and experience and the pay rates of other employees within the hiring unit who perform similar jobs and who have similar education and experience.  The salary offer must be within the approved hiring range.  Contact your HR Partner with questions.

Request Approval to Make Offer

The hiring official completes the approval to hire form within the Talent Management System.  The form is submitted to the appropriate individual within the hiring official’s reporting structure for approval.  After obtaining the appropriate approvals the hiring official extends a verbal employment offer to the top candidate.

Employee Action Form

After the verbal offer has been accepted, the hiring official submits an Employee Action Form (EAF).  Submitting the EAF triggers HR to begin the onboarding process (i.e. offer letter, new hire paperwork information from Human Resources, email/account activation).

Managers Checklist for Completing the Hiring Process

The Managers Checklist For Completing the Hiring Process provides you with next steps and helpful suggestions on how to welcome your new employee.  Being prepared for your new employee will make a great first impression and help them become productive earlier.