Leaving UST?

As you leave St. Thomas you probably have lots of questions about the exiting process such as what happens during this transition.  We have attempted to answer many of your questions below.  If you have other questions that this document fails to answer, please contact the Human Resources Department or specifically your HR Partner.

Exit Interview

The University is committed to providing quality programs and a good working environment for all staff.  Exit interviews are an important tool for gathering data to help assure these goals are accomplished.  Through the exit interview, you can provide insights into the success of recruiting efforts, the effectiveness of University compensation and benefits, professional development programs, as well as information on the quality of the work environment.  Your HR Partner will contact you to schedule an exit interview.  However, you may contact your HR Partner directly as well.  To assist us with this process, please complete the online Exit Interview Questionnaire and bring it, along with any other St. Thomas property, to your exit interview.

University of St. Thomas Property

During your exit interview, you will be asked to return any University property.  This will include your ID card, University keys, and University-related credit cards.  You may be contacted by other departments if you have any other campus property, such as library books or parking permits.

Vacation/Paid Leave Time Payout

You will receive your vacation or paid leave time (PLT) payout on your final check.  The maximum payout amount is up to five days for exempt employees and up to 160 hours for non-exempt and union employees.  Floating holidays and union sick leave balances are not paid out.  Exempt employees please remember to record all vacation days you have taken in the Vacation Reporting System.

Final Check Information

Your final check will be mailed to your home address or, if you have direct deposit, deposited directly into your bank account.  The final check will include the payout of any vacation or PLT balance and will be printed in accordance with the payroll schedule.

Update Your Address

If your address has changed, or changes during the calendar year following your leaving UST, please notify the Human Resources department by calling 651-962-6510 or by email employment@stthomas.edu.  We want to make sure that we have your current address on record in order to mail you your final check and your W-2 form in January.

Benefits Information

Your benefits will be effective through the end of the month of your last month of employment.  If you are an exempt employee please be aware that if your final check coincides with the first check of the month the entire months' deductions will be processed in your final check. 


Under COBRA you have the opportunity to continue some benefits, such as medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.  Within a few weeks following your separation from UST, you will receive information from HR Simplified, St. Thomas' COBRA administrator about your ability to continue your benefits.  You will have sixty (60) days from the end of your coverage to choose to continue your benefits.  If you choose to continue coverage through COBRA at any time during the sixty-day period, your coverage will be retroactive to the first day of the month following your termination.  Any benefits continued under COBRA require you to make the premium payments in a timely manner.

Retirement Funds

Under the St. Thomas retirement plan, all funds are 100% vested if you were hired prior to July 1, 2010.  Eligible employees hired on or after July 1, 2010 are fully vested in the University’s pension contributions after completing three years of eligible employment service.

You may contact the retirement carrier directly to obtain more information on the options available to you for transferring your vested funds.  Please go to our retirement page for more information. 

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