Learning Outcomes 302(a)

This first tab contains language of law school learning outcomes associated with Standard 302(a) – competency in(a) Knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law.

This database is searchable by law school(s) or by the specific learning outcomes identified below.  Thus, using this database, you may select a learning outcome to see which law schools state that specific learning outcome in their list of student learning outcomes. Each law school's link will take you directly to that school's learning outcomes web page. To the right of the law school's name is a description of where you may locate that specific learning outcome within a given law school’s learning outcomes.  Alternatively, you could look for a given law school or law schools to see what their learning outcomes say generally using the master database at the bottom of each tab. 

Fundamentals & Bar Exam

Law School Location of Fundamentals & Bar Exam
Arizona Summit Outcomes 1-3: "Bar Specific Outcomes."
Arkansas Little Rock A(2) & (5).
Barry I(d).
Belmont I: first–third & eighth bullets.
Brigham Young Expected Learning Outcomes - JD: first bullet.
California Western  Knowledge: A(1).
Chicago Kent 1(a).
Concordia A.1.1–1.4
Dayton Outcome 1: Criterion 1.
District of Columbia Goal 1: 1.
George Mason 1.
Hawaii 2(4).
Hofstra Categories 1 & 2.
Kansas Objective 1.
Marquette 2.
UMass PC1.1.1 & PC1.1.2.
Northern Kentucky Specific Outcome "Know, recall, and state law ..."
Ohio State 1.
Penn State I: Categories 1 & 2.
Penn State Dickinson 1 & 2.
South Carolina Goal 1: Outcome 6.
St. John's  1(a) & (b).
Temple Criterion 1.1.
Tennessee 1(a) & (b).
Thomas Jefferson I(A).
Villanova Outcome 2: 1–3.
Virginia 1(a) & 1(c).
Washburn 1.1.

Legal Policy & Trends

Law School Location of Legal Policy & Trends
 Belmont  I: fourth bullet.
California Western Knowledge: A(2).
Chicago Kent 1(b).
Concordia A(2).
District of Columbia Goal 1: 4(c)–(e).
George Mason 4.
Hawaii 2(1).
Hofstra Category 3(d).
Loyola Chicago Goal III: 1(a)–1(c).
UMass PC1.1.1 & 1.1.2.
Minnesota 1(iv).
Ohio Northern 2 & 3.
Penn State I: category 3.
Savannah Upper Level: 2.
Temple Criteria 1.2 & 1.3.
Tennessee 2(b) & (d).
Whittier 1: third bullet.

Legal System

Law School Location of Legal System
Albany Aspirational Goals: first bullet.
Barry I(b).
California Western Knowledge: B.
Concordia A(3).
Dayton Outcome 1: Criterion 2.
District of Columbia Goal 1: 4(b).
Fordham 2.
Hofstra Category 3(a)–3(c).
Loyola Chicago Goal I: 3(a).
UMass PC1.1.3.
Tennessee  2(a) & (c).
Texas Tech Outcome 1, Criterion 3.
Washburn 1.3.
Widener I.
Arkansas Little Rock A(1) & (3).

Practical Knowledge

Law School Location of Practical Knowledge
Arizona Summit Outcome 1: second bullet.
Barry I(c).
District of Columbia Goal 3: 14.
Loyola Chicago Goal I: 1 & 2.
Montana Learning Outcomes: first bullet.
Ohio State 2.
South Carolina Goal 1: Outcome 2.
Tennessee 2(e).
Thomas Jefferson I(B).

Specialty Areas

Law School Location of Specialty Areas
 Belmont  I: seventh bullet (international law).
Montana Learning Outcomes: second bullet ("Rocky Mountain West" law).
Virginia Outcome 1(b).