Holloran Center

for Ethical Leadership in the Professions

Holloran Center Donors

The Holloran Center would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of our organizational and individual donors. Without their support, our scholarship and programming would not be possible. 

Organizational Sponsors

Fredrikson & Byron
Marvin Windows
Mayo Clinic Program in Progreffsionalism and Ethics
The Medtronic Foundation
Winthrop and Weinstine

Individual Donors

Connie Bakken
Earl Bakken
Conley Brooks
Arthur Collins, Jr.
James Dallas
Norman Dann
Charles Denny
Mark and Kate Dienhart

Thomas Dolphin
John Dowdle
Gary Ellis
John French
William Frey
Bill George
Jack and Ann Gherty
Neil and Uve Hamilton
Vernon Heath
Kenneth Heithoff
Quentin Hietpas
Tom and Patty Holloran
Ronald Klostermann
John Koneck
Ann Marie Ladd
Richard Lareau
Laurence and Jean LeJeune
David Lillehaug and Winifred Smith
Ronald Lund
Paul Magnuson
Stephen Mahle
Tyler Marion
Susan Marvin
Jake Marvin
Chris Nelson
Roger Parkinson
Lawrence and Linda Peterson Perlman
Mary Ranum
Robert and Sharon Ryan
John Satorius
Richard Schall
Jack Schuler
Thomas Schumacher
James Secord
Ruth Shannon
Hank and Chris Shea
Patrick Shea
Tim and Eva Shea
Gerald Simonson
Marschall Smith
Gordon and Delores Sprenger
John Stout
Robert Weinstine
Irving and Marjorie Weiser


For information on making a contribution to the mission of the Holloran Center, contact

Neil Hamilton, Professor of Law, and Director
Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership in the Professions
University of St Thomas School of Law
Mail MSL 400
1000 LaSalle Ave.
Minneapolis, MN  55403-2015