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Fall 2013 Student Research

Spring 2014 Student Research


Fall 2013 Student Research

On December 5, 10, and 12, we were privileged to attend research presentations by ten of our History majors who were completing their capstone seminar, Religion and Politics in the Modern Middle East.  The course  surveyed the Islamist and reformist movements in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century Middle East, which developed as a response to the challenges posed by modernization, European hegemony and political fragmentation of the Islamicate world. Under the direction of Dr. Hasan Karatas, students spent the semester researching their topics, writing their research papers, and preparing for their presentations. The results were excellent! Their presentations were engaging, enlightening, and even entertaining. Congratulations to our capstone seminar presenters!

seniors 580

December 5 Session:  Minorities, Reform and Political Participation in North Africa

dec 5

Joshua K. Zahrbock: “The Utter Filth in Which They Live”: Sanitation in the Moroccan Mellah

Charles L. LeJeune: Nationalism is Our Religion: Coptic Involvement in Wafd Party of Egypt

Thomas B. Tincher: “Shenouda is Our President !”: Reform and Revitalization of Coptic Church

December 10 Session:  Modernization, Nation-State and Conflict in the Levant

dec 10 

Mark R. Gauger: Watchful Eyes of Modernity: Authoritarian Modernization under Ataturk and Reza Shah)

Andrew J. Henke: The Lion of the Levant: Demographics and Minority Rule in Baath Syria

Elena M. Espana-Reagan: Saladin’s Lost People: Kurdish Nationalism During Iran-Iraq War

Christopher J. Weitgenant: Dancing in Palestine: Six Days War and International Community

December 12 Session:  Heritage, Representation and Education in Mesopotamia

dec 12

Elizabeth A. Phyle:  The Reek of Antiquity: Museums in Iraq and the Making of Mesopotamian Identity

Rachel A. Kocourek:  Islamic Infusion: Education Reforms during the Iranian Revolution

Lauren M. Hoglund:  Through Children’s Eyes: Social Commentary and Critique in Post-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema

Spring 2014 Student Research

Spring 2014 Capstone Seminar Presentations

May 8: The Politics of Labor Systems in Mid-19th Century

may 8 pres

Matt Rippentrop—The Chartist Movement in America
K. Salter—The World of Post-Emancipation Cotton Production
Chris GelkeRerum Novaru, Organized Labor, and the Catholic Church

May 13: Dreams, Ditches, and Depressions: The Politics of Economic Change

may 13 pres

Seth Thompson—The Market Revolution and the Origins of the “American Dream”
Dan Hiebl—Canals and the Idea of Social Decay During the Market Revolution
Nathan Parsons—The Panic of 1873’s Effect of Republican Visions of Black Citizenship

May 15: Critiquing The “White Republic”: Citizenship and Its Discontents

may 15 pres

Noah Zernechel—Native Americans and the First and Second Party Systems: Jefferson and Jackson Compared
Allyson Esades—Women’s Agency in the Antebellum North
Michaela Smith—Joined At the Margins: African American and Irish Collaboration in the Civil War and Reconstruction

Fall 2014 Student Research

Senior Capstone Fall 2014: Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth Century Europe

dec. 2 capstone 

December 2, 2014

William “Willie” R. Hustead.  Through the Looking Glass: The Evolution of the Modern Concept of Genocide

Laura G. Myers.  Unmasking Nazi Cinema: Projecting Anti-Semitism and Jewish Conspiracies in 1940 German Film

Dec 9 presentations 

December 9, 2014

Andrew J. Ring. The Face of the Enemy: The Representation of Stalin’s Enemies in Soviet Cinematic Propaganda

Randall “Randy” J. McNally. Katyn: an Enduring Legacy

Samantha “Sam” M. Donahue. Stalin's Nationality Policy and Soviet Ethnic Cleansing: Simultaneous Annihilation and Creation of Ethnic Nationalism in non-Russian Territories Annexed by the USSR. Case Study: Lithuania 1939-1953

Dec 11 presentations 

December 11, 2014

Meghan “Meg” E. Walter. Anti-Semitism in the United States: Did America Abandon the Jews During World War II?

Sean D. Lanterman. Humanity in Hiding: the Rescue of Jews in Nazi-occupied Netherlands

Brooks L. Flugaur-Leavitt. Stopping the Bleeding: Yugoslavia’s Lessons for UN Peacekeeping