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Middle East and North Africa
Title:Middle East and North Africa
Course Number:118
College:College of Arts & Sciences
Instructor:Karatas, Hasan -
Time:1730 - 2130
Location:John Roach Center St Paul
Room:JRC 246
Credit Hours Start Date End Date Days Available Enrollment Maximum
4 05/28 07/10 M  -  W   -  - 25 0 25
Course Description:
This course will introduce students to the history and cultures of the Middle East and North Africa with special attention to the impact of successive Islamic movements that shaped the modern-day political system of Islam and that continues to inform their interactions with Europe and the West today. The organizing theme of the course is "Contact and Change," which will afford an opportunity to examine two of the principle challenges facing historians: accounting for change and understanding people and societies separated from us by space and time. This course fulfills the Historical Studies requirement in the core curriculum.