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The World Since 1900
Title:The World Since 1900
Course Number:115
College:College of Arts & Sciences
Instructor:Donahue, Kelly L
Time:1730 - 1915
Location:John Roach Center St Paul
Room:JRC 414
Credit Hours Start Date End Date Days Available Enrollment Maximum
4 02/03 05/23 M  -  W   -  - 0 25 25
Course Description:
This course is an introduction to the history of the world since 1900. Rather than surveying the history of the world's regions in turn the instructor will focus on the historical processes which led in the 20th century to the emergence of an interdependent world. Initially a background is provided on the establishment of Europe's world hegemony in the years leading up to World War I. The class examines the character of the international order in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and discusses the internal conflicts which beset European civilization in the years between the wars. In particular, the instructor emphasizes the rise of Communism and Fascism, and the world economic crisis of the 1930s which pushed Europe and Asia toward World War II. The class analyzes the character of the world order that emerged after 1945. Following an examination of the origins of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the class looks at the problems of some of the nations newly emerging from colonial domination. Finally, we discuss the role of religion and international politics in one major world region: the Middle East. This course fulfills the Historical Studies requirement in the core curriculum.