Student Research

Goding, A., Duoos, B.
Background/Purpose: Long-term aerobic exercise enhances overall memory and executive function.
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Berthiaume J., Gorman B., Higgins K., Northey H., Wilson, H. and Duoos, B.
The use of kinesio taping as a method to aid in prevention and treatment of joint injury has experienced major increases in popularity over the last decade.
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Britton, R., Meyer, M., Duoos, B. Zerin, A.
As the sport of figure skating has advanced, jump difficulty of top competitors has increased drastically.
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Backstrom, M., Lambert, K., Pearson, K., Taffe, M., Duoos, B
Purpose: The frequency of sport related concussions has dramatically increased over the last 15 years.
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Backstrom, M., Duoos, B.
Carrying a backpack load has been proven to cause postural changes.
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Berthiaume, J., Duoos, B.
The use and effectiveness of kinesio tape to enhance athletic performance has become a popular topic of discussion in the last decade.
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Harris, M., Duoos, B.
Weighted squats are commonly performed to enhance performance in various sports; however, improper lifting technique may increase the probability of injury, including lower back pain.
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Noh, J., Duoos, B
Extensive research on humans has shown that exercise is beneficial to overall physical and mental health.
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Bang, S., Duoos, B.
Shot speed and accuracy are essential key elements in the game of lacrosse.
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