University of St Thomas Health Services Excuse Policy

Excuse Notes

University of St. Thomas Health Services does not provide excuses for routine illnesses, injuries or mental health problems that may lead to missed classes, labs, studios, exams, projects or deadlines. This policy resembles those of most other colleges and universities and is consistent with the recommendations of the American College Health Association.

University of St Thomas expects that students will be honest with their professors regarding their ability to complete work and professors are expected to work with students on these issues. Academic advising staff is available to provide assistance to students or faculty members who have concerns about attendance issues.

Absence of 4 days or Longer:

If a student has an illness or family emergency that will result in 4 days of absence, the student should contact individual professors as soon as possible, as well as the Center for Academic Advising.

Assistance with Serious, Ongoing Illness or Injury:

If the student and UST Health Services believe that providing information about a significant health problem (i.e. overnight hospitalization, surgery or illness for more than one week) could facilitate appropriate academic accommodations, UST Student Health Services will at the students request and with the student’s signed release, communicate with the Center for Academic Advising. If the health services for the significant health problem were provided by an off campus provider, the student should request such information from that health care provider.