Mental Health

Painful feelings such as anxiety, anger, depression, low self-esteem, and tension are a normal part of being human and can affect anyone. Sometimes these feelings are temporary and can be eased by rest, relaxation, exercise, good nutrition, and support of trusted friends. At other times, stressors, relationships, or past family experiences cannot be managed so easily and become overwhelming. When this happens, and you find it hard to function, you may want to seek professional help. UST Counseling and Psychological Services provides support for mental health care, interpersonal relationships, and academic performance for UST students. Please contact 651-962-6780 to schedule an appointment.

ADD/ADHD Guidelines

Students with suspected or diagnosed ADD/ADHD may have experienced a variety of assessment and treatment approaches prior to beginning their academic career at the University of St. Thomas. The UST ADD/ADHD Guidelines below were developed to provide students who request care for ADD/ADHD, a unified approach from the University of St. Thomas Health Services (HS),  Counseling and Psychological Services, and Enhancement Services.


Student who was diagnosed with add/adhd before age 15 and are currently treated with stimulant medications:

  • Student must obtain records from previous provider to confirm diagnosis before age 15 and forward them to UST Health Services.
  • Student is to continue to receive stimulant medication from most recent provider until records are received and reviewed.*
  • HS can monitor vital signs, laboratory tests, and other exams when student is receiving stimulant medication from outside of the clinic.
  • HS health care prescriber may provide a onetime maximum of two weeks prescription for stimulants to bridge until student is able to receive prescription from most recent prescriber.
  • A reassessment with comprehensive interview and neuropsychological testing** may be required if deemed indicated by the health care provider.
  • Contact Enhancement Services if academic accommodations are necessary (651-962-6315).
  • Student who has been off medication for > 2 years may need to be referred for a comprehensive interview and neuropsychological testing** before initiation of stimulant medications.


  • Stimulant prescriptions must be printed / written out on secure prescription paper/pad.
  • Stimulant prescriptions cannot be called or faxed to pharmacies.
  • One pharmacy is to be established as the pharmacy for stimulant prescriptions.
  • Student is to only carry the amount of stimulant medication required for the day and to keep prescriptions in a safe place where others are not able to access them.
  • Lost or stolen prescriptions will not be replaced. However, prescribers may consider a limited replacement refill in special circumstances (e.g. prescription lost prior to a major exam).

Laboratory examination:

The following laboratory examination may be considered prior to beginning a stimulant prescription:

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Liver function tests
  • Thyroid stimulation hormone

*MN Pharmacies will honor written prescriptions from outside MN as long as the provider is licensed in their state and have a valid DEA number.
**Adequate neuropsychological testing should include a minimum of intelligence testing and a continuous performance test of attention such as the “Conner’s of TOVA”. ADD/ADHD checklists alone do not constitute either an adequate evaluation or adequate testing. See attached teaching guidelines.

What is a comprehensive ADD evaluation?

A comprehensive ADD evaluation is required to begin or refill ADD medications. This type of neuropsychological evaluation is generally performed by a Ph.D. level licensed psychologist and consists of both objective tests of attention/concentration and validity/effort testing . After an initial interview (typically about 60 minutes in length), the psychologist decides upon a series of tests appropriate to further investigate the symptoms that you are experiencing.

The evaluation may be done over a series of days – i.e. the initial interview scheduled on one day, one block of testing 3-4 hours done on another day, and a second block of testing of 3-4 hours done on another day. A final meeting may be provided by some psychologists to review the results of the evaluation with you. An evaluation may also be completed in one day. For those evaluations, an initial interview is performed, and a block of 5 hours of more of testing may be completed on the same day.

I had an ADD evaluation done in my hometown. Can I submit that?

You are welcome to submit previous testing. However, it is common for these evaluations to fall short of the standards our psychiatry staff requires. Conversational interviews with your physician and/or completing a pencil/paper checklist do not meet the requirements of a comprehensive ADD evaluation. If your previous evaluation does not meet our criteria, you will be notified, and you may be referred to psychologists in the metro area who perform comprehensive ADD assessment.

Who are local resources that can provide ADD evaluation?

Nancy Hammond, PhD
Hamm Clinic
408 Saint Peter Street, Suite # 429
St. Paul, MN 55102
Cost is $185/hour, typically a full ADD evaluation can take 5-8 hours ($925-1,480) 

Paul Marshal, LP, PhD
825 Nicollet Mall
Suite 1440
Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Marshall is typically able to see new patients within two weeks. If your health insurance does not cover the cost of ADD evaluation, the out of pocket cost is approximately $900.

Dorothy Edelson, PhD
North Psychology Clinic
Hamline Park Professional Building (* Is at this location on Thursdays only)
570 Asbury Street
St. Paul, MN 55014
5615 Brooklyn Boulevard, Suite # 105 (* Is at this location M, Tu, W & F)
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
763-531-0566 (Scheduling number for both locations)

Typically Dr. Edelson is able to get students in for an evaluation within one week in St. Paul.
When paying out of pocket cost is about $650.00
*you must state you are a UST student when scheduling to get this special rate*

C.A.L.M. (Clinic for Attention, Learning and Memory)
1409 Willow St.
Suite 600
Minneapolis, MN 55403

The average wait time for evaluation is one month. CALM only accepts BCBS insurance. Out of pocket cost is approximately $2500.

Psych Recovery
2550 University Ave West # 229n
St. Paul, MN 55114

There are other providers in the Twin Cities area who are able to complete comprehensive ADD assessment. Please ensure that the testing meets the UST ADD Assessment Guidelines.

What does an ADD evaluation cost?

A comprehensive ASS evaluation generally runs from $1,400 to $2,500. Many insurance companies do not cover the cost of ADD evaluation. The Aetna Student Health Insurance plan does not cover the comprehensive ADD evaluation.

How long will it take to schedule an ADD evaluation?

During the school year, it can take several months to obtain an appointment with a psychologist for a comprehensive ADD evaluation.

How long will it take for the ADD evaluation results to arrive at the UST Health Service?

Following the evaluation and after signing a release of information at our office or at the office of the evaluating psychologist, the results of that evaluation are usually forwarded to us within two to three weeks.

I’ve completed my evaluation. What happens next?

Once the evaluation has been received you will be contacted by phone or letter to make an appointment with one of our psychiatrists, physicians or nurse practitioners. Our staff will review the ADD evaluation and decide whether it supports an ADD diagnosis. Even in the case that the evaluation does not suggest ADD, other treatable issues such as depression and anxiety may better explain your symptoms. Occasionally the evaluation may suggest that you would benefit from services that are not available in our clinic. In such cases, community resources that may meet your needs will be provided to you by the Health Services staff.

Student who has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD after age 15:

  • Student must request records from previous provider to confirm diagnosis after age 15 and forward them to UST Health Services.
  • If previous interview and neuropsychological testing** are inadequate then new comprehensive interview and neuropsychological testing will be required.
  • Student is to continue to receive stimulant medications from most recent prescribing provider until above requirements have been met.*
  • HS can monitor vital signs, laboratory tests, and other exams when student is receiving stimulant medication from outside of the clinic.
  • HS health care prescriber may provide a onetime maximum of two weeks prescription for stimulants to bridge until student is able to receive prescription from most recent prescriber.

Student concerned that he/she may have a previously undiagnosed add/adhd:

Student must obtain a comprehensive interview and neuropsychological testing** before initiation of stimulant medications by HS health care provider.

Student with additional mental health diagnoses questions:

Students with additional mental health concerns may schedule an appointment with either HS or Counseling and Psychological Services at any time.

How do I complete a comprehensive ADD evaluation?

It is suggested that you first contact your health insurance provider to determine if this is a covered benefit under your plan. They can assist you with referrals to providers in the metro area community who can provide an ADD evaluation.

I’ve been on ADD medication for several years now. I need a prescription to continue my medications as soon as possible.

A comprehensive ADD evaluation needs to be submitted in order for our psychiatry staff to consider prescribing your current medications. Please contact your previous prescriber to arrange for refills to bridge until an adequate evaluation has been accomplished. A prescription from a licensed physician in another state can be filled by a Minnesota pharmacy.