Beyond the Prereqs: Related Health Professions Coursework

The following is a sample of UST courses which either have a medical emphasis or explore important topics of concern to those in the health care field.  These courses, whether chosen as electives or to fulfill core requirements, would make great options for aspiring health professionals.

  •  HLTH 280  Exploring Medicine (2 credits)
  •  ECON 326 Industry Studies: Health
  •  GEOG 298 Topics: Geograpy of Global Health (offered Fall 2014)
  •  GEOL 161 Medical Geology
  •  Greek & Latin language courses (a study of Greek/Latin not only provides great insight into the history of our medical tradition, but can also help make the multitude of medical terms rooted in these languages more transparent)  
  •  PHED 240 Medical Terminology (2 credits)
  •  PHIL 354  Biomedical Ethics
  •  PSYC 151 Cross-Cultural Psychology (fulfills the Human Diversity core requirement)
  •  THEO 420 Theology and the Biomedical Revolution (fulfills the 400-level THEO core requirement)
  •  THEO 437 Christian Faith and the Medical Profession (fulfills the 400-level THEO core requirement)

In addition to the above on-campus courses, pre-health professions students are encouraged to consider the many diverse opportunities for study abroad while pursuing their undergraduate degree.