What happens at Hana?

All Tuesday meetings will be hosted by one of the 4 different committees(Community, Culture, Leadership, Social Justice) or the Executive board. The hour-long meeting will first start with updates, then the activity that was prepared for that day, i.e. lecture, slide show, game, art project, etc. Depending on the group, lunch could be served at the beginning, middle, or end of the meeting. Campus-wide events will be held in various locations on campus with different activities and focuses. Past Campus-wide events include; lectures, Karaoke Nights, movie showings, B-B-Q's, and many more.

What are the committees?

  • The different committees were made so that they can focus on or emphasize on various different areas pertaining to individuals, communities, and societies.
  • Community Committee develops relationships between Hana members and develops the relationship between Hana and the UST community.
  • Culture Committee focuses on exploring the different traditions and values that make up our school and our world.
  • Leadership Committee focuses on developing the leadership skills of Hana members to be global leaders.
  • Social Justice Committee focuses on addressing the social justice issues as it relates to our campus, our local community and globally.

What kind of FOOD is served at Hana?

We try to bring various different kinds of ethnic foods as well as our typical everyday meals. However our food choices are limited to what can be catered through our UST catering services. Some of the foods that we have previously served are, Puerto Rican beans, Enchiladas, Pho, Chicken Adobo, Veggie Samosas, Alfredo, Tandoori Chicken and many other diverse dishes from around the world.

How do I join Hana?

Come to the Hana meetings on Tuesdays during Convo Hour (from 12pm - 1pm) in the Anderson Student Center. Make sure you sign-in on the attendance sheet so we can get in touch about upcoming Hana meetings and events. Or contact us at hana.stthomas@gmail.com to be on the e-mailing list.

Where is Hana located?

The meetings are usually held in the Anderson Student Center unless otherwise noted. Hana's Office is located in ASC 310, within the Frank & Judy Sunberg Leadership Center in the Anderson Student Center, next to Campus Life.

Who can be in Hana?

EVERYONE! Hana is open to all students of all backgrounds.

How do I get more information about Hana?

For more information, feel free to contact any board members, call the Hana Office at 651-962-6467 during regular business days, stop by the office located in ASC 310, or send us an e-mail at hana.stthomas@gmail.com.