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Nyob zoo. Ohaiyo. Ni hao. Sabai dee. Hola. Bienvenido. Bonjour. An yong. Namaste.

Hello and welcome to all students. Come one, come all. Hana supports and respects all cultures and provides a welcoming environment for all St. Thomas community members.

Our purpose is to provide a structure that leads to the attraction, retention, and well being of all St. Thomas students. We support our purpose by striving to achieve a balance between a socially appealing setting and an environment that fosters educational, cultural, and institutional growth.  Hana focuses on promoting multicultural awareness at the University of St. Thomas through exploring cultural understanding, building supportive communities, developing strong leaders, providing service opportunities, and striving for social justice.

Hana is not the collective voice for all multicultural students on campus and encourages the establishment of other organizations based on cultural identity.  Hana's mission is to build strong relationships and develop leaders through expanding multicultural awareness.  In addition, we use our seat on Undergraduate Student Government to share event information, provide updates on upcoming programs and foster collaborations.

In native Hawaiian, "'ohana" means family.  Come be 'ohana with Hana.

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Email: Hana.stthomas@gmail.com