About Hana

Whether we're focusing on blind beauty, painting pumpkins in pairs, dancing through the generations, or teaching students how to become great leaders, Hana explores different themes through culture, community, social justice, and leadership. In addition to providing support and helping students develop new relationship Hana cultivates multicultural awareness through programming and other advocacy initiatives.

Student leadership opportunities abound for those who choose to participate. Executive Board members serve as voting members on several university committees. Their participation ensures that campus administrators and programming bodies consider U.S. student of color perspectives needs and concerns. The Hana organization promotes the creation of a welcoming, respectful and inclusive campus community. To that end, Hana welcomes all St. Thomas students to their meetings and events.

Hana consists of four committees, based on major ideals that are recognized within the Hana constitution as the four pillars. These committees generate programs, educational programs, social events, and many other events and programs to bring about diversity and cultural awareness to the greater St. Thomas community.

The Hana board consists of five compartments:

  • Executive Board
  • Community Committee
  • Culture Committee
  • Leadership Committee
  • Social Justice Committee

Meet Hana's Executive Board:

There are three (3) officers per committee and five (5) executive officers, for a total of seventeen (17) officers on the board. The board officers meet every week to discuss the upcoming activities, events, and concerns. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to hana.stthomas@gmail.com or write it on a note and drop it in the Hana office, ASC 310. Also feel free to call the Hana Office at (651) 962-6467 from an off-campus phone or 2-6467 from any on-campus phone.