Joseph and Edith Habiger Institute for Catholic Leadership

The Joseph and Edith Habiger Institute for Catholic Leadership answers the call to provide Catholics students at the University of St. Thomas a unique context for leadership formation which goes beyond the development of skills to a more organic and collaborative model of Catholic leadership in the academy, in the Church, and in civil and professional life. In addition to assisting the formation of many young Catholic leaders, the Institute is a place of thoughtful analysis concerning what it means to be a Catholic leader in our modern society.

The Institute will also provide opportunities for Catholic Studies graduate students—priests, laity and religious—to explore new approaches to leadership in the Church, in lay apostolates and parish ministry, and in professional, civic and political life.

Our Leadership Programs:

Leadership Intern Program

 The Leadership Intern program identifies promising students who have already demonstrated leadership ability on campus and offers them a unique opportunity to develop the skills and abilities necessary for leadership in service to the Church and the larger community. The program includes vision retreats, monthly meetings of formation, service to the community, dialogue with invited speakers, and a Spring Institute trip.

Latino Leadership

This program offers Latino students the opportunity to receive an education that is both intellectually rigorous and faith-filled. The primary goal of this scholarship is to create a community of Latino students at the University of St. Thomas who will work together to become the future leaders in the Latino community. It also fosters within students a deep sense of their vocation to promote justice in the world.

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Catholic Community Living

Students in the Catholic Studies houses join a small community centered around Catholic life and study. The houses have a simple rule of life; a chaplain; and regular events, including Mass, house meals, communal prayer, invited speakers, and good fun. The houses provide opportunity for leadership as students take responsibility for all aspects of daily life in community.

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Professional Leadership Formation (Mentorship)

An important part of the Church's social mission is the witness of people of action who demonstrate the Gospel through their lives and character. It is therefore a critical aspect of our work in preparing our students for professional life to bring them into contact wiht faith-filled and thoughtful Catholics in various fields. Two programs of focus, the One-on-One Mentorship and Group Mentoring, will provide students the opportunity for involvement with Catholic professionals who are witnessing to their faith at work, in their families, in the Church, and in the wider community. In this way we offer students a unique integration of faith and work that will help to launch their professional vocation.

To this end we will recruit committed and thoughtful Catholics from a variety of professions who can serve as guest speakers to groups and classes and as advisors and mentors to individual students. We will also devise effective ways of connecting our students with Catholic organizations in health care, social services, and education, as well as dioceses and parishes, to help students discern the possibility of working for the Church. These relationships between professionals and students, in addition to providing networking possibilities, internships, and occupational benefits for the students, will yet more importantly help them to deepen their understanding of professional vocation and its accompanying responsibilities. As we develop such a network of Catholics in the professions, we also see an opportunity to provide the professionals themselves with occasional opportunities for their own faith formation, which will enhance their ability to be informed and faithful witnesses to the students and the wider community.

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Catholic Studies Scholars

This program identifies unusually talented undergraduates in their sophomore year and provides a two-year intensive formation in the Catholic intellectual tradition in preparation for graduate school admission, with the ultimate career goal of a university faculty position in a specific academic or professional discipline. The program involves ongoing relations with faculty mentors who assist the student in clarifying academic interests and identifying specific graduate programs which might develop those interests fully. The program provides regular contact between students and mentors in monthly lunches, advising, and retreats.

In the summer following the junior year, these promising scholars work with their faculty mentors on a major research project that brings into greater clarity and precision their long term scholarly work as they prepare for graduate study. In addition, there is a summer retreat which assists the scholars in the graduate school application process and prepares them for the GRE or equivalent examination.

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Program Manager
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