NCORE Fellows Program

The NCORE Fellows Program supports undergraduate students who seek to learn more about race and ethnicity through scholarly research and study. This research-based program is built upon teaching, learning, faculty mentorship, and onsite learning experiences. Students selected for the program will study topics on race and ethnicity through nearly any disciplinary lens and learn how to present their research in professional and academic settings.

Undergraduates at the University of St. Thomas apply for admission to the program in the fall, participate in a J-Term “Journey for Justice” study tour on the South focusing on the Civil Rights Movement, and work on their research projects over the course of Spring Semester and, optionally, the summer. Upon completion of their research projects, NCORE Fellows are supported to present their research at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) or at a similar venue.

Why is the study of race and ethnicity so important? Issues relating to race and ethnicity have had, and continue to have, a dramatic impact on the development of our nation. It is impossible to understand the arc of American history without examining the role of slavery, the nature of relations among the tapestry of ethnicities that comprise our policy, the civil rights movement, and the economic and social disparities that are informed by issues of race and ethnicity.

New NCORE Fellows

The UST NCORE Fellows Program warmly welcomes its first cohort!

  • Kamilah Ceaser
  • Kaitlin Salter

Congratulations, Fellows!