Collaborative Inquiry Grants

Are you interested in delving into and crafting your own research project? Would you like to develop a mentor relationship with a faculty member on campus? Well, the Collaborative Inquiry Grant programs offers you the opportunity to do just that!

This programs provides students with financial support that allows them to work closely with a faculty member outside of the classroom on collaborative projects during the Spring or Fall semesters. The goal is to give students the freedom of time so that they are able to delve into the world of research: either learning how to do research or continuing and honing skills already acquired. This intensive educational experience is meant to complement, enhance and deepen what is being learned in the traditional classroom.

Student grantees receive a stipend of $1,000 for their semester. Faculty collaborators receive $500.

GRO Staff Contact

Kristin Walters
Coordinator, Student
Research Grant Programs

Aquinas Hall 324

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