What is the Excel! Research Scholars Program?

The Excel! Research Scholars Program is a post-baccalaureate achievement program designed to help prepare first-generation undergraduate students and students with U.S. military status for graduate study and admission. The program works with students whose goals are to pursue graduate study immediately after completing their baccalaureate degree. Eligible undergraduate students are enriched with education and preparation for graduate study, which includes research experience, graduate school seminars, graduate admission exam training, writing assistance, and presentation training.

The goal of the Excel! Research Scholars Program is to provide eligible undergraduate students with the skills and education necessary for graduate admission and success. The program seeks to increase the attainment of graduate degrees by first-generation college students. Students admitted to the Excel! Research Scholars Program are required to be degree-seeking, first-generation college students enrolled at the University of St. Thomas, Concordia University-St. Paul, Hamline University, Macalester College, or St. Catherine University at the time of application. A first-generation student is one wherein neither biological parent or legal guardian has completed a four-year bachelor's degree or degree above an associate (two-year) degree.

The Excel! Research Scholars Program has admitted eight highly motivated undergraduate students determined to succeed in graduate school for the summer 2014 program. Each student will be paired with a faculty mentor who will help guide their summer educational experience relative to their field of study. Students conducting research will have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor to complete a graduate-level research study. All students will participate in graduate school seminars, professional development and presentation training, writing workshops, and graduate admission exam training. Students are expected to complete a research paper by the end of the eight-week summer program. All students present their research at the end of the Summer Research Institute.