First Annual Excel! Research Scholars Program Summer Research Symposium


The First Annual Excel! Research Scholars Program Summer Research Sympsium took place on the St. Paul campus on August 1, 2013 and was a great success. Each scholar presented research related to their individual projects conducted with the Excel! Research Scholar Program Summer Research Institute (June-August, 2013). Research presenters and titles included (in presentation order):

Shannon Heitkamp, University of St. Thomas
"Writing Across Cultures: International Students' Literacy Narratives"

Alexander Tsadwa, University of St. Thomas
"Race and Gender Stereotypes of Black-White Intimate Relationships and Attitudes Toward Them"

Maxine Johnson, University of St. Thomas
"A Pilot Study: Effects of a First-Person Narrative on Beliefs about Prostitution"

Priscila Barron Sanchez, University of St. Thomas
"Compromising Law: A Study of Attorneys' Attitudes on Immigration Legislation"

Tamnnet Kidanu, St. Catherine University
"Consonance and Dissonance: Exploring the Experiences of Health Educators Teaching Sexuality Curriculum"

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