Conference Travel Grants

The Grants and Research Office offers a limited number of travel grants for undergraduate students who wish to present at scholarly conferences. These grants typically provide funding for air and ground transportation, lodging, meeting registration, meals, and other expenses directly related to a student's attendance at an academic conference. These grants are paid as a reimbursement of actual expenses, after a student has completed his or her travel.*

IMPORTANT: Applications for Student Travel Grants must be received at least 14 calendar days prior to departure.

The amount of each Student Travel Grant depends upon need and funds available. Students may apply for up to $500, plus an additional $250 to match funding obtained from their academic departments. If you are an eligible applicant, you will receive an initial award of up to $500, based on the budget of projected expenses that you will provide during the application process. If your projected expenses exceed $500, you are strongly encouraged to seek additional funding from your department. If your department is willing to contribute, this Travel Grant Program will match your department's funds dollar-for-dollar, up to an additional $250. 

Example: John receives a travel grant for $500 from the Student Travel Grant Program for a trip that is projected to cost $1,000. He asks his department to help defer his expenses, and his department pledges an additional $250. The Student Travel Grant Program will then match this pledge with an additional grant of $250, making the entire award $750 from the Student Travel Grant Program and $250 from the student's department.

Undergraduate students participating in this grant program are responsible for understanding the full scope of the grant, including deadlines and application materials required, and are also responsible for leading/managing the application and reimbursement process. BEFORE YOU APPLY‌, please ensure that you have read the Conference Travel Grant section of this website in its entirety, so that you have all of the information you need to get started.

*If it is a financial hardship for you to pay for expenses up-front and be reimbursed, you encouraged to contact Kristin Walters ( or 651-962-5962) to discuss alternative options. It is typically against our policy to pay for travel in advance for students, but we may be able to arrange for some expenses to be prepaid by your department or another source. Please be aware that we are unable to provide students with cash in advance for meals, transportation, or any other anticipated expenses.

GRO Staff Contact

Kristin Walters
Coordinator, Student
Research Grant Programs

Aquinas Hall 324