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Graduate Research Team Grants

The Graduate Research Team Grant Program awards grants to teams of faculty and graduate students at the University of St. Thomas who are interested in working on a significant research project or creative activity over an extended period in the summer. These grants are designed to give the teams the time and resources they need for meaningful reflection and in-depth inquiry into a problem or issue in their field. It is anticipated that each Research Team will produce a significant research paper or creative work that may lead to publication/dissemination and the submission of a grant proposal to an external agency.

Research Team Grants are carried out in the summer between June 1, 2014 and September 1, 2014.

Successful applicants to this program receive a grant of $10,000. This grant can be used by the team for student stipends, faculty stipends, materials and supplies, travel, equipment, and other types of expenses that will facilitate the research proposed in your application. Teams must consist of at least one faculty member and at least one graduate student, but strong competitive preference will be given to proposals that engage more than one graduate student. Teams should propose a project that can be carried out over a period of 8 to 12 weeks and completed at the end of the summer. 


The deadline for applications for Graduate Research Team Grant projects to be carried out over summer 2014 will be Friday, March 28, 2014.