The University of St. Thomas

Grants and Research Office

 The Grants and Research Office supports student and faculty research. Faculty and staff are assisted as they develop and submit funding proposals to governmental agencies. Students receive support for their research through the internal undergraduate and graduate research programs offered by the Grants and Research Office. 

Loftus Diversity Grant Program

The Loftus Diversity Grant program was established in 2006 by Bob and Mary Jo Loftus, and grants are available to University of St. Thomas current students, staff and faculty. The grants support programs and projects at the University that focus on either health/wellness or the traditionally underserved. Ealier Loftus Diversity Grants have supported research on first-generation students, and addressed the health care needs of English-as-a-second-language students and women in prison. Grants can be used to support efforst such as; student summer-research projects, faculty sabbatical work, and staff engagement initiatives for students.


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