The University Seal

The seal's use is extremely limited to that of official university business including diplomas, invitations, awards and communications from the president's office. It is not a marketing tool nor should it be used as such. All other usage requests must be approved through University Relations.


The main field is divided into quarters, by a cross, the symbol of the Redeemer, to express the purpose of the university “to imbue the spirit and quicken the hearts of her students with the living message of Christ.”

The principal charge, in addition to the cross, is the rayonnant sun, the cognizance of St. Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of the university.

The chief (upper compartment) bears the coat of arms of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and refers to the origin of the city of St. Paul, which borders the
military post of Fort Snelling.

The alternate wavy bands, the heraldic convention for water, represent “Minnesota,” a Dakota word meaning “cloudy water.” The sword betokens St. Paul. It is placed between two crosses symbolic of “Christ crucified” of whom St. Paul preached (I Corinthians 1:23).

Above the chief is an open book, symbolic of wisdom and knowledge. It is emblazoned with the words “Non Aliam Nisi Te” (None but Yourself, Lord), the reply of St. Thomas Aquinas to his crucified Savior in the vision related by his biographers.


The University Seal