Identifier Placement

The university logo has a space requirement to maintain the brand of the university, the design of the identifier and its prominence whenever present: The entire identifer must be surrounded by a generous amount of white space whenever possible. When ample space is unavailable, the minimum amount of space that must surround the logo is shown below.

Control Area

The control area is the amount of required space between the identifier and other elements with any publication, apparel or miscellaneous design.

The width of the shield is used to calculate the dimension. The bigger the logo is used, the larger the shield and the more control area you will have. When using the logo in a corner or on the side of a publication, the control area still requires a shield’s length of white space and must be moved accordingly to allow for that space.

No other type or graphic element may occur within the control area. The identifier should never be placed closer to the edge of the page than this control area distance.