Identifier Colors

To provide greater flexibility in designing attractive promotional items, brochures and advertisements, the identity system offers a range of color possibilities. Color should be used carefully, however, to maintain consistency and stature of St. Thomas communications.

The standard color usage for print materials is PMS 2607 (purple) for the shield and Cool Grey 11 (grey) for the text. All stationery - letterhead, business envelopes and business cards - must follow the approved layout and color usage.

However, in supportive pieces, the identifier may be purple (shield) and black (type), all black, all purple, or reverse to white from a solid color background. The entire identifier may also be in a suitable color when black or 2607 are not being used. When two colors are being used in which neither are purple or black, the entire identifier must be in only one of the two colors. Do not use the two colors (one for shield, one for type).

Do not use pale or garish colors.

Do not use background colors with little contrast.