Can I use a logo for my department that I created?

No. There is one true logo for St. Thomas, and that is the official university logo. If you would like assistance in creating a style for your office or department for use in marketing efforts, please contact University Relations for consulation.

Can I change any of the logos? Maybe use the shield by itself?

The simple answer is "no."

The justification is longer. The official logos of the university are copyrighted and trademarked. They are to be used in their entirety, and used within the guidelines and rules as indicated inside this site. As we've mentioned, the logos are a vital part of the university's overall brand, and need to remain consistent and correct to maintain it.

Why is using the logo correctly so important?

Because it is. It gives consistency to all university materials, and strengthens the brand of St. Thomas.

Do you print letterhead or business cards?


The Service Center in St. Paul manages production of all printed institutional letterhead and business cards. For electronic letterhead, see the "Resources and Downloads" section of Communication Services.