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Graduate Programs in Software

Other Offerings

Other Offerings

You have options with Graduate Programs in Software.

In addition to our graduate certificates and master's degrees, you can choose from a wide array of educational offerings. Each is designed to allow you to quickly gain the knowledge and skills you need to enhance your career.

Non-Degree program earns graduate credit:

If you are looking to take a class or two, this program gives you the flexibility you need to without making the commitment to a graduate certificate or master's degree program. Our Non-Degree program allows you to pick and choose the classes you want from our large course list.

Professional Development Mini Master's, Seminars and Custom Programs earn CEU's:

Do you need to learn about technology "just in time" to help in your profession? Our professional development programs allow you to quickly sharpen your understanding of Software, Information Technology , and Information Systems with a wide array lectures, discussions, and workshops that cover dozens of current and relevant topics in your field. Professional Development offerings earn Continuing Education Units and are homework free.

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