University of St. Thomas

Graduate Programs in Software




Students pursuing the Master of Science (majoring in Information Technology, Software Engineering or Software Management), Master of Software Systems, or the Certificate of Advanced Study may choose a concentration of courses to fulfill their degree requirement.  Choosing a related set of courses will provide the student with an in-depth knowledge of a specific area.  

To add a concentration to your master's degree or Certificate of Advanced Study, please complete the Request to Add or Change Concentrations PDF form. 

Following are GPS approved concentrations:

Computer Communications (4 courses)
SEIS 645  Computer and Network Communications
SEIS 715  Computer Networking Protocols
SEIS 717  Computer Networking Architecture

Computer Security (choose 4 courses)
SEIS 650  Legal Issues in Technology
SEIS 715  Computer Networking Protocols
SEIS 720  Computer Security
SEIS 721  Advanced Computer Security
SEIS 722  Computer Forensics

Data Management (choose 4 courses)
SEIS 630  Database Management Systems and Design 
SEIS 730  Distributed Database Management
SEIS 731  Information Retrieval
SEIS 732  Data Warehousing
SEIS 733  Database Administration Concepts
SEIS 734  Data Mining
SEIS 736 Big Data Architecture
SEIS 737 Big Data Management
SEIS 772  Multimedia Information Retrieval

Embedded Systems (choose 4 courses)
SEIS 640  Operating Systems Design
SEIS 740  Real-Time Systems and Applications
SEIS 741  Embedded Microprocessor Design
SEIS 742  Advanced Microprocessor
SEIS 743 Computer Architecture

Object-Oriented (4 courses)
SEIS 635  Software Analysis and Design
SEIS 770  Object-Oriented Patterns and Architectures
SEIS 771  Advanced Object Concepts and Issues 
SEIS 772  Multimedia Information Retrieval 

* XXX - course to be selected by student and subject to approval by GPS Director

For assistance with selecting a concentration, please contact Doug Stubeda, GPS advisor and Assistant Director, at 651-962-5503 or