GPS Mini Masters Programs

Offering Timely and Relevant Discussions of Today's Topics in the Fields of Information Technology and Software.

Mini Masters programs offer a targeted overview of many topics taught in our graduate level courses. Participants who complete a Mini Master's program will receive CEUs (Continuing Education Units) and a certificate of completion. There are no prerequisites and no homework for these programs:

Mini Master of Big Data: Coming Soon! Details about our newest Mini Master program will be coming later this December. If you would like to learn more about this program and find out when it will be offered, please sign up on our e-mail notification list.

Mini Master of Business Analysis: Designed for Business Analysts wanting to enhance their understanding of the topics related to the roles, responsibilities, and skills necessary to be an effective business analyst.

Mini Master of Information Technology: Designed for anyone from any profession who wants a better understanding of the critical and cutting edge topics, current practices and issues in information technology and how these topics impact their organization.

UST alumni and discount code recipients: Please call the Center for Business Excellence at 651-962-4600 to enroll and mention your alumni status or discount code to obtain a discount on professional development classes.