Course Registration

GPS Course Schedules/Class Meeting Dates/Topics  

(Schedules are subject to change - consult Murphy Online for most current course list):

Registration guidelines:

  1. Registrations for courses are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis during the designated registration period. To find out when you are eligible to register, log on to Murphy Online
  2. Returning students may register using MURPHY On-Line . If you have not taken a class for more than a year, you will need to contact Graduate Programs in Software to have your account returned to Active Status. Please contact us at 651-962-5500 or with questions. Please include your St. Thomas ID in all correspondence. 
  3. Attending class is prohibited unless the student is officially enrolled in that class and section. All instructors have been notified to admit only those students whose names are on the class roster unless the student has proof of enrollment. Under no circumstances will credit be issued to anyone who attends a class for which s/he is not officially registered.

How to Register: 

  • Register online via the St. Thomas Murphy Online and Classfinder Systems. Contact Graduate Programs in Software at 651-962-5500 if you need assistance.
    • Assemble the CRN numbers for the classes you wish to take from  ClassFinder .    Select the Term and then click Engineering under Grad Subject Areas.
    • Select MURPHY for Students & Faculty on the dropdown menu
    • Log into Murphy Online using your St. Thomas ID (100xxxxxx) and username/password
      • Select Student Services
      • Click on Registration
        • Select Term that you are registering for.  
        • Add or Drop Class
          • Enter the CRN of the classes you wish to register for and submit  
  • If the class you want to take is full, it is important to get on the waitlist.  Once on the waitlist, you will be notified if an opening becomes available. Please note: it is important to respond quickly to this notification so you do not miss the opportunity for the class.

Other Details in the Registration Process: 

  • Contact your advisor if you need assistance choosing a course.  
  • Hold on your record?  Contact the Business Office at 651-962-6600 for any financial related hold, or Graduate Programs in Software at 651-962-5500 if you are unsure who placed the hold on your record. 
  • Check the prerequisites for all courses.  Make sure you have satisfied any prerequisite listed in the schedule for each course you choose.  You will not be able to register for the course if you have not satisfied the prerequisites.  If you have met the prerequisite by experience or some other means, please contact your advisor for a waiver. 
  • Class full?  It is best to put yourself on the waitlist as that is the only way you will be able to ensure your spot in the “waitlist line”.

Important Information about canceling a class: 

In the event you must cancel a class, it is important to be aware of the Refund Schedule since refunds are issued on a declining scale. If you have any questions, contact Graduate Programs in Software at 651-962-5500.  All requests to cancel a class after the semester has started must be submitted via email to Graduate Programs in Software at .  The date and time of the email will mark the effective date of cancellation.

Registration Terms and Policies

Registration Terms and Policies:

Add/Drop or Withdraw Courses

Students are able to add courses using MURPHY ONLINE until the beginning of the second week of classes in each semester. To make any other changes to your registration after the withdrawal deadline, you must have special permission and contact the GPS office with your St. Thomas ID number. Failure to drop or withdraw from a course using MURPHY ONLINE or through the GPS office could result in full financial and academic liability.

CRN - Course Reference Number

This is a five-digit number assigned to each class section and is listed in the SEIS course schedule.

Changes in Personal Information

If there are any changes to personal information (address, phone number, employment, or emergency contact) you should make the necessary changes on the GPS registration form and return it to the GPS office whether you register by mail or online.


GPS students may register for no more than 12 credits in Spring and Fall semesters and six in the Summer semester. Most SEIS courses are three credits each.

Inactive Status

If you did not register for any classes in the previous year, you must call the GPS office at 651-962-5500 to have your status activated. You will also need to complete a new Payment Agreement form.

Independent Study/Audits

To register for independent study or if you plan to audit a course you must obtain permission from the GPS Director, Dr. Bhabani Misra and then register by mail.

Priority Registration

To find out when you are eligible to register, log on to Murphy Online. Choose "Check Your Registration Status" from the registration menu. The student registration order is based on the number of credits a student has earned (i.e., courses in which a grade has been assigned). Students who have the fewest credits remaining to complete his/her program will be able to register the soonest. Students with the same number of credits completed and are in different programs do not register at the same time.

Registering for other Graduate classes at the University of St. Thomas (Cross Registration)

Students may take elective courses from other St. Thomas graduate programs. As part of their degree program, MSS students may use two non-SEIS graduate courses and MSDD and MS students may use four non-SEIS graduate courses toward their degree. If you are interested in taking a course in another St. Thomas program, contact the GPS Director, Dr. Bhabani Misra, by email:

Registration Holds

Registration holds prevent students from registering. Students who have a hold placed on their registration will see a message on the GPS Registration form in the Notes section that indicates there is a hold and who to contact. Murphy Online will also inform you of any holds and who to contact.

Saturday Class Dates

GPS Saturday classes have two schedules: A or B. Schedule A classes begin the first week of classes and schedule B classes begin the second week. Saturday A and B classes alternate in order for a student to be able to register for two Saturday classes in a semester.

Wait List Policy

Students may place themselves on the wait list via MURPHY ONLINE or they may contact the GPS office. Students who are on a wait list are not registered and may not attend the class. As openings occur in a class section, students on the wait list will be contacted by email at the student's St. Thomas e-mail address primarily or by phone if no St. Thomas email account exists (new students automatically receive email accounts within 48 hours after registering for a course).


The University of St. Thomas is registered as a private institution with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to sections 136A.61 to 136A.71. Registration is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions.