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Faculty & Staff

John Kruse

Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (651) 962-5500
Fax: 651-962-5543

Office Location: OSS 320

Courses taught in Spring 2014
SEIS 740-01
Real-Time Systems & Applictns 1745-2100 R OSS 326

3 Credit Hours

The students receive an introduction to real-time systems, including, real-time operating systems, real-time scheduling and concurrency control, reliability and fault tolerance in real-time systems, real-time communication and clock synchronization, and real-time system design methodology and pitfalls. Prerequisite: SEIS610

Courses taught in Fall 2014
SEIS 741-01
Embedded Microprocessor Design 1745-2100 R OSS 326

3 Credit Hours

This course will introduce the concepts of embedded processor design. An overview of the most popular embedded processors such as the ARM, Analog Devices (ARM7 Cortex, Blackfin, and Sharc) TI (MSP430, 55x, ect), Microchip (PIC), Freescale (RS08, Power Core, M Core, etc), Atmel (AVR), NXP (ARM9, 8051, etc) will be covered. the strengths and weakness of each family of processors and where they are used will also be covered. The use of assemblers and simulators, accelerometers, A/D, D/A converters, signal synthesizers and serial communication interfaces will be covered in detail. The students will have lab time with ARM circuit Boards. Blackfin circuit boards are also availalbe for the student to use. An introduction to Digital Signal Processing in the time domain will be presented from a firmware engineers perspective, (time domain with no calculus). Prerequisite: SEIS 610

Career Highlights:

Lead Engineer, Medtronic; Adjunct Lecturer, University of  St. Thomas.

GPS Courses:

Embedded Microprocessor Design -- SEIS 741
Advanced Microprocessor Design with Biomedical Applications -- SEIS 742


M.S., University of St. Thomas; B.S., University of Minnesota.