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Faculty & Staff

James Habinek Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor
Phone: (651) 962-5500
Fax: (651) 962-5543

Office Location: OSS 311

Courses taught in Fall 2014
SEIS 755-01
Human-Comptr Interface Design 1745-2100 T OSS 328

3 Credit Hours

This course begins by providing an overview of human-computer interaction and then concentrates on practical guidelines, strategies and methodologies for designing successful user interfaces. An approach to development, referred to as "user-centered design," is presented. The future of human-computer interaction is also addressed. Students learn how to analyze user needs and goals, and how to use them as driving forces throughout the design and development of a user interface for an application of their choice. Prerequisite: SEIS610


User Interface Design and Evaluation

Career Highlights:
Dr. Habinek is an Advisory Software Engineer with the International Business
Machines Corporation and an Adjunct Instructor for Graduate Programs in
Software.  In his 29 years at IBM, he has held a variety of positions in
Human Factors, Usability, and System Test.  Prior to his work at IBM and the
University of St. Thomas, Dr. Habinek was employed by the McDonnell-Douglas
Aircraft Corporation and the United States Army.

GPS Courses:

Human-Computer Interface Design -- SEIS 755

Academic History:

Ph.D. & M.A., Experimental Psychology

, Loyola University of Chicago.