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Faculty & Staff

Gary Berosik

Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (651) 962-5500
Fax: 651-962-5543

Office Location: OSS 307

Courses taught in Spring 2014
SEIS 771-01
Adv Object Concepts & Issues 1745-2100 M OSS 325

3 Credit Hours

This course gives students first-hand experience in applying object-oriented software development best practices in a realistic software development environment. In the process of doing this, students learn and apply advanced object-oriented software development concepts and approaches including agile software development processes, pattern-based design and development, refactoring to maintain system design quality, distributed object computing in an enterprise level software architecture environment, and the use of relational database management systems by object-oriented systems. Prereq: SEIS635 Highly Recommended: SEIS770

Courses taught in Fall 2014
SEIS 770-01
Object-Oriented Pattrns & Arch 1745-2100 M OSS 326

3 Credit Hours

This course introduces students to using object-oriented architecture and design patterns in the development of high quality, reliable software systems. Patterns and architectures can have a significant affect on the time to deliver systems and the maintainability and quality of systems. Current object-oriented development methods and tools will be used to describe and implement software designs that are based on patterns. Students will learn the abstraction skills required to discover, document, and patterns and architectures. Java will be used. Prerequisite: SEIS635

Career Highlights:

System Architect/Educator, West Group; Adjunct Lecturer, University of St. Thomas.


Object-Oriented Patterns and Architecture -- SEIS 770


B.A., University of St.Thomas.