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Faculty & Staff

Lloyd Cledwyn

Adjunct Instructor
Phone: (651) 962-5500

Office Location: OSS 320

Courses taught in Spring 2014
SEIS 752-01
Adv Web Applicatn Development 1745-2100 W OSS 328

3 Credit Hours

This course covers advanced and cutting-edge technologies used in developing database-driven Web based applications. The course will concentrate on key client-side and server-side technologies that are essential for dynamic content generation and interactivity. These techniques are characteristic of the Web 2.0 paradigm, and are exemplified by rich media, responsive interfaces, a high degree of online collaboration among users, and the ability for users to create their own content and to share it with others. Related technologies will be covered, including streaming media technologies, deployment of Web applications, architectural patterns such as Model-View-Controller (MVC), Web development paradigms such as AJAX, Web services, and open-source application frameworks. To meet the goals of the course, students will design and implement a database driven Web based application using technologies learned in this course. Prerequisite: SEIS751

SEIS 790-01
Ind Stdy: Comp Web Based CMS --- TBD

3 Credit Hours

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor and department

Interests and Expertise:

Custom Web Application programming, database design and management, technical and non-technical instruction.

Career Highlights:

For over 12 years Mr. Cledwyn has had a passion for developing software applications. As the Manager of Information Systems and Web Applications in the Advancement Services department at Macalester College since 2005, Mr. Cledwyn's career has focused on Web based applications.  He has also served as a web application and site consultant for the artist community. 

GPS Courses:

Advanced Web Application Development -- SEIS 752

Academic History:

M.S., Software Engineering, University of St. Thomas
B.A., Physics, Mathematics, St. Olaf College