Approval Process & Procedure

1. All Memorandums Of Understanding (MOU) and Specific Agreements originate in the Dept/School/College where the program of mutual interest will reside; faculty, staff, or administrator will fill out forms online; Deans must give the recommendation to proceed.

2. Eleni Roulis, Associate Vice-President of Academic Services and Special Programs, will meet with contracting person(s) and go over the forms, necessary attachments, and signatures.

3. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) will be notified when appropriate

4. Sue Huber, Executive Vice President and Provost, and Eleni Roulis will meet to review documents for approval.

5. Agreements will be sent to General Counsel's office for review if necessary.

6. Chelsea Lynch, Administrative Assistant, will route documents for appropriate signatures as well as scan approved documents. Once complete, they will be entered into an online database for all to access.