Paul A. Lorah portrait

Paul A. Lorah

Associate Professor, Geography
Ph.D. Geography, Indiana University, Bloomington.
JRC 421
(651) 962-5566
2115 Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105

Research Interests

*Economic value of wilderness and national parks

*Using GIS to model environmental quality and effectiveness of federal land management policies

 Conservation Activities

*Worked with students to write multiple grants resulting in over $200,000 for conservation projects *Partnered with colleagues in Biology and the Great River Greening on a $15,000 oak forest restoration project.

*Former member of the Minnesota Nature Conservancy Board of Trustees

*Consultant for groups including the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, the Great Plains Restoration Council and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

 Student Research and Student Grants

*Faculty sponsor for $25,000+ of student research funding. Young Scholars Grants, McNair Scholar Award, Excel! Grant, Collaborative Inquiry Grants and Community Based Research Scholars award.

*Projects from my classes have resulted in more than 60 student conference presentations