University of St. Thomas Scholarships and Awards

Nearly all incoming freshmen students receive an institutional commitment in the form of an award or scholarship from the University of St. Thomas. St. Thomas Scholarships and Awards are determined based on the credentials presented on your application for admission and your academic transcripts. You must first apply and be accepted for admission to the University of St. Thomas to be considered for institutional, merit-based funds.

St. Thomas Academic Scholarships and Awards

St. Thomas Academic Scholarships and Awards are merit-based awards given to more than 90 percent of incoming freshmen. The funds are awarded based on academic achievement and contributions made to one's school, community, and/or church. Admitted freshmen are automatically considered for these funds. In recent years, these scholarships and awards have ranged from $4000 - $24,000 per year.

The UST Transfer Award

The UST Transfer Award was created to recognize the academic accomplishments of transfer students who have positively contributed to their community and demonstrated academic success at the post secondary level.

Who is eligible to apply?
Applicants accepted for regular admission* to the University of St. Thomas as a new transfer student pursuing a first bachelor's degree will be considered.

What is the value of the UST Transfer Award?
Awards will vary based on the applicant's academic credentials and other achievements. Transfer applicants accepted for admission to the University of St. Thomas may receive $1,000 to $15,000 per year.

Awards are renewable provided the recipient:

  • remains consecutively enrolled as a full-time UST student
  • maintains a 2.0 or higher St. Thomas GPA
  • has less than 160 total credits (total transfer plus all attempted UST credits)
  • has not completed all the degree requirements for their first Bachelor's degree

How can I apply?
There is no separate application for the UST Transfer Award. All newly-admitted transfer students will be considered. The award will be based on a review of a candidate’s admission application and all supporting documentation on file at the time of admission. Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis and recipients will be selected until UST Transfer Award funds are exhausted.

* Students admitted to St. Thomas under the condition of "accept with concern", "conduct probation" or "provisional" are not eligible to receive a UST Transfer Award. Students accepted under such conditions may still qualify to receive need-based aid from the university or federal and state governments.

National Merit Finalists


Scholarships are awarded to students selected as National Merit Finalists who declare St. Thomas as their first-choice institution with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation and who qualify for a college-sponsored award.

Amount of Scholarship

National Merit Finalists who enroll at St. Thomas will receive a total of $6,000 in National Merit funds or related funds. These funds will be awarded in addition to any monies already awarded to the student by St. Thomas.

Music Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students who plan to major in music on the basis of music performance and high school academic achievement. Scholarship amounts are variable and determined by the scholarship committee. Music scholarships are renewable as long as the recipient maintains an overall 3.0 GPA. Freshmen non-music majors who participate in one of the larger ensembles are granted a one-year lesson-fee waiver for private lessons in their primary performing medium. These fee waivers have a value of approximately $1,220 for the year. Information on music scholarships and lesson-fee waivers are available from the Department of Music, (651) 962-5850 or (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-5850.

For more information, please visit the Music Department website.

Fauth Business Scholarship


This competitive scholarship is awarded by the St. Thomas Opus College of Business to students planning to major in business. Applicants must complete an application for admission and register for the scholarship test day. Candidates are invited to campus to take the scholarship test. Finalists will be notified. 

Amount of Scholarship 

St. Thomas will offer three $10,000 annual scholarships. The $10,000 scholarship is in addition to the St. Thomas Academic Scholarship awarded by St. Thomas.  The Fauth Scholarship is renewable for a maximum of three consecutive years past the initial award year, for a total of four years. 

Science, Mathematics and Engineering Scholarships


These competitive scholarships are awarded by the St. Thomas Division of Science, Mathematics and Engineering to students planning to major in science, mathematics and/or engineering. Applicants must complete a special scholarship application and an application for admission by the deadline date established annually by the Science, Mathematics and Engineering Scholarship committee.  Visit the Science, Mathematics and Engineering Scholarship website for details. Candidates are invited to campus to take math and science tests. Finalists are invited to interview with the scholarship committee.

Amount of Scholarship

St. Thomas will offer two full-tuition renewable Science, Mathematics & Engineering Scholarships. These funds replace any scholarship or award previously awarded to the student by St. Thomas.

Two renewable $8,000 semi-finalist awards will also be awarded. These funds will be awarded in addition to any monies already awarded to the student by St. Thomas.

Engineering Board of Governor's Scholarship


This competitive scholarship is awarded by the School of Engineering to a student planning to major in engineering. Applicants must complete a special scholarship application and an application for admission by the annual deadline established by the Board of Governor's Scholarship Committee.  Visit the School of Engineering Scholarship website for details. Finalists are invited to interview with the scholarship committee.

Amount of Scholarship

St. Thomas will offer one $10,000 renewable Engineering Board of Governor's Scholarship.  This fund will be awarded in addition to any monies already awarded to the student by St. Thomas.

Communication & Journalism Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students who plan to major in communication and journalism. Information on available scholarships can be found on the COJO website.

ROTC Scholarships

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarships are available for Air Force, Army, and Navy/Marine ROTC students. Scholarship amounts vary based on the level of scholarship received. Eligibility criteria and deadlines to apply are determined by the respective military branches.

High school seniors that want to be eligible for college ROTC scholarships will need to apply through the respective websites for the Air Force, Army, or Navy (including Marines) in the summer or fall of their senior year. Students already in college will want to speak to their local ROTC detachment regarding ROTC scholarship opportunities.

The Air Force Detachment 410 is located in Murray-Herrick Campus Center.  The Army Gopher Battalion and the Navy/Marine options are both located in the Armory at the University of Minnesota.

For more information, please contact:

Air Force ROTC Detachment 410
651-962-6320 or 800-328-6819, Ext. 26320



Dollars for Scholars Matching Program

St. Thomas matches, dollar for dollar (up to $1,000), scholarships received by full-time undergraduate students through a Dollars for Scholars chapter affiliated with Scholarship America.

To request the match, the check must be presented to the financial aid office along with copies of the scholarship notification letter from the local Dollars for Scholars chapter.

Note: St. Thomas is unable to match corporate CFSA Dollars for Scholars awards. For names of sponsoring chapters contact Scholarship America at (507) 931-1682 or visit their web site at

Page Education Foundation Scholarship Matching Program

Page Education Foundation Grant recipients who enroll as full-time undergraduate students at UST receive a matching grant of the value of the scholarship they are awarded by the Page Foundation, up to a maximum of $2,500. The Page Foundation (established by Alan Page, former Minnesota Viking, National Football League Hall of Fame member and Minnesota Supreme Court justice) provides scholarships to students of color from the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area who want to pursue higher education. For more information, contact the Page Education Foundation at (612) 332-0406 or at

University of St. Thomas Department Scholarships

Academic departments may have special scholarship funds to recognize outstanding student accomplishments at St. Thomas for students in a particular course of study. Other scholarships may be awarded by other on-campus programs based upon involvement in co-curricular activities or other experiences at St. Thomas.

Each department or program has unique eligibility requirements, application forms and deadlines for their scholarship programs. Some departments require an application, while others select the recipient without any application process.

Currently enrolled students are encouraged to read the Newsroom for announcements regarding any departmental or program scholarships for which you may be eligible. Also contact your major department and other organizations on campus for additional scholarship opportunities.

Dease Scholarship Program

The University of St. Thomas (UST) annually selects a number of well-qualified, first year students for receipt of Dease Scholarships.  These full-tuition scholarships are awarded to underrepresented domestic, first-generation students and graduates from select urban high schools.  Named in honor of St. Thomas’ 14th President, the Reverend Dennis Dease who initiated a university-wide commitment to making certain a St. Thomas education remains accessible for admitted students from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Click here for more information.

Outside Scholarships Supported by UST

St. Thomas works in conjunction with these outside scholarships.

Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program

Description and Eligibility

Students with one-fourth or more Indian ancestry who are Minnesota residents and members of a federally recognized Indian tribe may apply for need-based awards from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE).

Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and students are encouraged to apply as early as possible in the spring for the following year of school.

Award Amounts

No set limits.

Application and Contact Information

Applications are available online or to download on the MOHE Indian Scholarship Web page.

For more information, please call 1-800-657-3866.

Safety Officers Survivor Program

Description and Eligibility

Dependent children and the surviving spouse of a Minnesota public safety officer killed in the line of duty on or after January 1, 1973 are eligible to receive educational benefits.

Award Amounts

Awards may vary.

Application and Contact Information

Obtain an application from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and a certificate of eligibility from the Minnesota Commisioner of Public Safety.

Submit the completed application to the UST Undergraduate Financial Aid Office.

Tribal Scholarship Funds

Application and Contact Information

Students of Indian ancestry are encouraged to contact their tribal education office to learn of any tribal funds that may be available to assist with educational expenses.