Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program

The University of St. Thomas participates in the U.S. Department of Education's Federal TEACH Grant Program. You are strongly encouraged to read the information below before applying for the Federal TEACH Grant. The application is available below.

Amount of Grant

The TEACH Grant Program will provide up to $4,000 per year ($16,000 total for four-year undergraduate programs; $8,000 total for graduate studies) in grants to students who plan to teach full-time in high-need subject areas at schools that serve students from low-income families. Three-quarter-time students can receive up to $3,000 per year; half-time students can receive up to $2,000 per year; and less-than-half-time students can receive up to $1,000 per year. The grant amount is adjusted based on your actual enrollment each term.

Please note: Because total financial aid must not exceed the cost of attendance, receiving a Federal TEACH Grant may reduce your eligibility for other sources of financial aid.

Teaching Obligation

Grant recipients agree to teach for at least four years within eight years of finishing their teacher preparation program and to teach high-need subjects in designated schools that serve low-income students. If you do not complete the four-year teaching obligation, your grant will convert to an unsubsidized loan, which you will have to repay with interest calculated back to the date the funds were disbursed.

Service Agreement

Each year you receive a Federal TEACH Grant, you must sign a Federal TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve (ATS), which is available electronically on the U.S. Department of Education Web site. When you sign the ATS, you are agreeing to repay the grant as a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, with interest accrued from the date the grants funds were first disbursed, if you do not complete the teaching service requirement. If the grant is converted to a loan, it cannot be converted back to a grant.

High-Need Subject Areas

  • Bilingual education and English language acquisition
  • Foreign language
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Special education
  • Other identified teacher shortage areas (see the U.S. Department of Education's nationwide listing of teacher shortage areas)

Low-Income Schools

A low-income directory of public and private nonprofit elementary and secondary schools designated by the U.S. Department of Education as having a high concentration of students from low-income families can be found at https://www.tcli.ed.gov/CBSWebApp/tcli/.


To be eligible for a TEACH Grant, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Be enrolled in coursework or plan to complete coursework toward a career in teaching and/or in a high-need subject area
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 as a high school graduate and maintain that GPA throughout your academic program or score above the 75th percentile on at least one battery on a national standardized college admissions test
  • Complete TEACH Grant counseling and sign a TEACH Grant Agreement to Service each year
  • Complete a FAFSA, although you do not have to demonstrate financial need to be eligible

Federal TEACH Grant Eligible Programs at St. Thomas

  • English as a Second Language (M.A.T.)
  • K-12 World Language and Cultures (B.A., M.A.T.)
  • Mathematics Education (B.A., M.A.T.)
  • Reading Specialist (M.A.)
  • Science Specialist (B.A., M.A.T.)
  • Special Education (M.A.)

You must be enrolled in one of the above programs to qualify for the Federal TEACH Grant at the University of St. Thomas.


You must confirm within 120 days of completing or otherwise ceasing enrollment in your teacher preparation program that you are fulfilling (or plan to fulfill) the terms and conditions of your service agreement or your grant will immediately revert to a loan. You must document your teaching service, and your documentation must be certified by the chief administrative officer at the school where you teach.

How to Apply

Students who are interested in applying for a TEACH Grant for the 2013-2014 academic year should:

Once your application has been approved you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Accept your Federal TEACH Grant award
  • Complete Federal TEACH Grant Counseling online
  • Complete an Agreement to Serve (ATS) through the U.S. Department of Education

Details regarding these required steps will be communicated to you separately by the Financial Aid Office

Please Note: If you are not already committed to teaching a high-need subject in a low-income school, please use caution when considering this possible source of funds. According to some estimates, only 20 percent of students who participate in the TEACH Grant Program will be able to use the funds as grants, while many students will see their funds converted to loans with accumulated interest.