Student Employment at UST

Student employment is an important part of financial aid awards at the University of St. Thomas. UST students earn more than $3 million in a combination of federal, state and university funds each year. These on-campus work opportunities allow the university to deliver necessary services, help students offset education expenses, and provide our student body with valuable work experience.

The University of St. Thomas gives all students the opportunity to work on campus, regardless of financial need. However, UST cannot guarantee employment for every student. Students who qualify for need-based funds are given priority for student jobs and will have an estimate of potential earnings included in their award notice. This estimate is based on a student working an average of 10-12 hours each week during the school year at a rate of no less than $7.50 per hour. Students may ultimately work more or less than this average depending on their class schedule and employer’s needs.

Types of Student Employment

Need-based: Eligibility for need-based employment is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and is funded by UST, the state of Minnesota, or the federal government.

UST Employment: Students who do not qualify for need-based funding can also work on campus. However, these students will be paid with funds provided exclusively by the university. There is no application necessary to be eligible for these funds.

Finding a Job

Student jobs are posted on the Human Resources website. Students can apply for any posted position, but should keep in mind their skills, interests and course load.

St. Thomas also works in conjunction with several non-profit agencies to provide off-campus, community service positions. Students must qualify for need-based funding to apply for any off-campus positions.

Required Paperwork for Employment

After a student is hired, he or she must complete a Student Employment Form before beginning to work. This form is available on Murphy Online under the Student Services menu. When students login to complete the Student Employment Form, other required paperwork (if applicable) will also be listed.