Cost is Only the Beginning

Regardless of the type of school you’re considering, at first glance the sticker price of a college education appears to be high.  However, when you look deeper you will see that there is often a significant difference between the published sticker price of an education and what a student actually pays out of pocket for that experience.  Financial aid is the bridge between what a family is able to pay for an education and what it costs to attend. 

At the University of St. Thomas more than 90 percent of all new students are awarded financial aid (scholarships, grants, student loans and/or student employment).  Merit-based aid is awarded after a student is admitted and their academic credentials and contributions made to school, community and/or church are reviewed.  Students are considered for need-based aid after filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  

Students and parents sometimes feel the financial aid process is a bit overwhelming.  At St. Thomas, we have simplified the financial aid process as much as possible and each student has a personal financial aid counselor to answer questions about the FAFSA, learn your personal financial story, offer advice and provide support.  Your counselor will help you become a Tommie and continue to assist you as you pursue your St. Thomas education.

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