Fall Writing across the Curriculum (WAC) Workshops


Got WAC?

The goal of the Writing Across the Curriculum initiative is to fundamentally transform how teaching and learning happen at UST. Faculty who attend our WAC seminars learn how to use writing in their courses in strategic, effective, and interesting ways. Because writing engages students in the course subject matter as nothing else can, WAC pedagogy leads to "deep learning," learning that goes well beyond memorizing something for a test and promptly forgetting it: learning with relevance and staying power.

We have three kinds of WAC courses. Through Writing Intensive courses, students learn to practice writing as an ongoing process that involves idea development, attention to rhetorical context, substantial revision in response to feedback, and editing. Writing To Learn courses focus on the use of informal writing as a means of learning course material. Finally, students learn the nuances of writing in their major field in Writing in the Disciplines courses.

Now in its second year, the WAC program will be sponsoring several workshops for faculty. Workshops designated for “WAC seminar faculty” are intended for those who have completed one of the week-long WAC seminars led by Dr. Chris Anson. Those designated “all faculty” are geared toward faculty who have not [yet!] participated in a WAC seminar (those who have are certainly welcome as well).

Facilitating Peer Feedback Groups
Wednesday, 9/15, 3-4 p.m.: all faculty
Tuesday, 9/21, 12-1 p.m.: WAC seminar faculty

Responding to Student Drafts
Thursday, 9/28, 12-1 p.m.: all faculty
Wednesday, 9/22, 3-4 p.m.: WAC seminar faculty

Evaluating Student Writing
Wednesday, 10/6, 3-4 p.m.: all faculty
Thursday, 10/7, 12-1 p.m.: WAC seminar faculty

Supporting ESL/ELL Student Writers
Wednesday, 10/20, 3-4 p.m.: all faculty

Teaching Writing as a Process
Thursday, 10/28: all faculty

The next week-long WAC seminar, led by Dr. Chris Anson, will be held January 3-7, 2011, 9 a.m.-noon. Please mark your calendars if you are interested!

Specific information regarding the above workshops as well as the January seminar will be forthcoming via email. In the meantime, if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact Dr. Erika Scheurer, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, at ecscheurer@stthomas.edu.

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