Using Library Resources in Your Courses


Have you ever wondered how you could improve the quality of your student’s research papers? Maybe pondered how you can get them to stop using Wikipedia or sources only found in the top 10 results on a Google Search? Tired of complaining from students about how to find the quality sources you expect to see used in their research?

The Libraries can help. OurLibrary Research Guides are some of the best tools you can provide to your students. These are web pages created by our liaison librarians that highlight the most important databases, reference works, and other sources on a given topic or for a given course. They typically include advice on discipline-specific search strategies best designed to connect researchers with timely and relevant scholarship, guidance on citing sources, and links to related guides. The pages are visually appealing to capture user’s interest, and the librarians work hard to keep them dynamic by incorporating RSS feeds of new books & articles, new subscription database resources, and websites appropriate for scholarly research.

If you'd like some help selecting an appropriate guide, or would like one custom-created for your particular course, contact your liaison librarian.

Also, there is a tool in Blackboard, UST Library Research Guides, to help you link to the guides in your course. It's not difficult to use:

You can use this tool to embed a guide in your course: just remember, within a new or existing content area, go to the "Add Interactive Tool" menu, and select UST Library Research Guides. An easy-to-use form will guide you the rest of the way. See Adding a Research Guide to your Blackboard Course for more information.

Other Library Content You Can Use in Blackboard

Link to an Online Article or E-book
Contact the O'Shaughnessy Frey (2-5498) or Keffer Library Reserves Coordinator (2-4642) for assistance, consult our web page on linking to online articles, or consult your liaison librarian.

Link to a Subscription Research Database
Browse our list of databases by subject or alphabetically by title, and add the link to your course

Link to Streaming Video or Audio Content

Link to a Summon Search Box
Summon is the Libraries' Google-like search tool that searches content from our catalog and many of our subscription research database sources. Link to it here:

If you have any questions about how to use any of these resources, please feel free to contact your liaison librarian or me to discuss it.

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