Submit your course for the 2013 Blackboard Exemplary Course award!


Blackboard's Exemplary Course Program (ECP) award recognizes Blackboard courses demonstrating best practices in four major areas: 

  • Course Design
  • Interaction & Collaboration
  • Assessment
  • Learner Support

Even if you aren't sure that your course demonstrates best practices in all four areas, submitting your course for review will provide you the opportunity to receive feedback on your own course development including best practices and areas for improvement. All courses submitted to the ECP are reviewed and receive feedback on their design, interaction and collaboration, assessment and learner support components.

Think course your course has what it takes? Read on!

Courses submitted to the ECP are evaluated by a peer group of Blackboard clients using the Exemplary Course Rubric. All courses submitted to the program will be evaluated using the rubric by a peer group of Blackboard clients. Then, a Reviewer Council reviews any course that received at least one exemplary rating. From there, courses that receive two or more exemplary ratings will be reviewed by the Exemplary Course Directors to determine who will receive an Exemplary Course Award.  

Important Dates for Exemplary Course Program 
February 15, 2013:  Submissions due to Blackboard
Early May 2013:  Winners selected and notified
July 2013:  Winners recognized at BbWorld in Las Vegas

How to submit your course to Blackboard's Exemplary Course Program.

  1. Visit the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program to view the official rules, view presentations from past winners, download an example of a completed submission form.
  2. Download a copy of the Exemplary Course Rubric to use as a reference. This is an extensive rubric used to measure your course against. It is imperative for you to show evidence of student interaction and collaboration. 
  3. Work with your  IRT Academic Technology Consultant to create a copy of your course (without student data) for use by the evaluators.
  4. Create multi-media examples of your course or student interaction, using  PowerPoint, Camtasia, Jing, or some other similar tool (not required for your submission).
  5. Gather facts and stats that explain how your course or achievement makes an impact.  Consider how your course stands out as an industry best practice.
  6. Submit your course to Blackboard by Feb. 15. 

Questions about the ECP? Contact Blackboard at

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