Spring Greetings from the Faculty Center for eLearning


Collaborative and social tools that can be used in the classroom took precedence at the January 2010 Faculty Center for eLearning event. Martin Warren from the English department graciously offered his take on using wikis in the classroom. Tom King, from School of Education showed us ways for streamlining our use of tools that aid us in helping teaching and learning, along with some cool tech tips. As a part time faculty member his time is quite conscripted. He has found creative ways to ensure personal connection with his students. Clever and innovation ways of reducing lecture time in class that also allows students to hear these segments at will was demonstrated by Isaac Alderman from the Theology Department. His work with Adobe Presenter was shown. Candace Chou also contributed with collaborative, Web 2.0 tools for online classes. Her work included student perceptions of online activities as well as discussing ways to engage students in an on line class. To see the resources from these presentations go to the FCL homepage: http://www.stthomas.edu/elearning/default.html.

We are very excited about the contributions of faculty presenters to our events over the past two years, and look forward to more faculty sharing their experiences with instructional technology at our future events. The FCL also looks forward to further collaboration with the Faculty Development Center in exploring instructional technology tools and strategies at UST.

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